Saturday, 26 October 2013

Which games to play and which to stick with? The big MMO dillema

Hello all! (some off-topic ranting as well)

So I was going through my list of games and my gaming news and I noticed something very hard for me to decide had surfaced. I have played a bunch of MMOs: World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, Rift, DC Universe Online, Aion, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, Tera. As you can see, I have dipped my toes in many mmorpg games. The dilemma now is when I went onto my computer and tried to see what games I can play, to my surprise, I have quite a bit of selection. But MMORPGs are not like your normal games, the world evolves and changes when you are not logged into the game. Lots of things change when you are not online and especially when you have not logged on for a long period of time, big evolutions to the world had happened.

To me, I feel this is the sad part about playing MMOs where if I do not log in during this patch cycle, for the next patch cycle it will have new contents and it will be much harder for me to catch up with everyone else I know. As an avid World of Warcraft player, when I went to play Final Fantasy XIV when it was re-released for a month or two then come back to WoW I felt that I had fell behind all the people I know since I was not there to play constantly. This stays very true to other MMOs that I have played. I always feel like even if I have not logged on for a few days, I will be more behind than other players.

Specifically for WoW, once I missed a raid night because I had to be somewhere else during that time and when I logged back on after 2 days, my raiding group had downed the final boss. That was a major bummer in my time when I was pretty much hardcore raiding. The addition of LFR-Looking for Raid is a great asset for the game as people of all skill sets can jump in and get together and play. The downside of LFR is the bad behaviour of other players so many veteran players avoid it, this is where the newest change to WoW comes into play- the Flex raiding. It is one of the best features in the game as you can group up with people to raid and not be bound to a 10 or 25 man limit, this offers people who have not always had a full raid group to jump in and still down their favourite bosses. Oh shoot sorry for the off-topic rant...

So this is my dilemma as I do not know which MMO to keep playing and sticking with it. I am always a WoW follower so that game has etched a part in my heart but for me to stay with WoW I have a constant fear of not being able to be at a good pace if I decide to try out another game. But I am always tempted when other games get large exciting patches that I switch over into that game for some time then jump back to WoW. But I think I will stay with WoW for the moment. I do not have enough time to spread out my games too much so I can only focus on 2 games at one point any time. (1 MMO and 1 other non-MMO game)

So how do you keep playing an MMO without having the fear of getting behind on content and fun? Do you stick with your choice for a long time after you start investing time into that MMO?

Keep on gaming!
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