Friday, 4 October 2013

Extra Life 25 Hour Charity Gaming Marathon!

Hey all!

The date is slowly approaching for the Extra Life 25 hours Charity Gaming Marathon!
The exact date is November 2nd, 2014.
You will be able to raise money by playing games ranging from Facebook games to console and pc games.

In light of this, depending on my schedule I believe I will be participating in this event with a few of my friends! I will be streaming on my twitch account while we are playing the games if all goes as planned. I think this is an awesome way to show your local hospital your support regardless of whether you are a gamer or just donating.

After I confirm everything, I will be posting my information for the Extra Life team page and twitch page at a later date. Hope everyone can come and take a peek at the marathon!

Everyone who have the time to join in on the fun should definitely come participate! You do not need to play 25 hours straight since you can split it amongst a few hour sessions(so don't strain your body out!)

Avid Vancouverite Gamer

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