Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pokemon X and Y...I choose Pikachu!

Hey all!

So I just got Pokemon Y for my 3DS and it feels like an amazing breath of fresh air!
I felt that the whole world seemed more livelier and with 4 other companions now(at least where I got to)!
I have only gotten a few hours into the game and it stills feels exciting running into bushes to see what Pokemon will pop up next. This iteration has many of the past generations of Pokemon all scattered around and Yes I got myself a Pikachu!
Though as with all the Pokemon games, I do not have such a high expectation for a Mass Effect or Last of Us storyline but I definitely would love to see the game move towards the epic storytelling that is so crucial to many games. But the main entree in Pokemon is catching and finding new Pokemon and is that not a treat! I have played all the iterations of Pokemon and it still manages to hook me away into this fantastical world! The world in 3D looks gorgeous and all the Pokemon I have encountered are just as beautifully rendered as they would be in the Gamecube and Wii Pokemon games(Pokemon XD Gale, etc.).

But for a game that is so polished a few minor quirks was more noticeable. The camera is still going in a weird position as it forces you to see in a perspective that is either good or incredibly irritating. That had been going on from Black and White but that was another whole issue for that generation.
Last of all, the no-glass 3D effect from the 3DS was utilized well in this generation of Pokemon but you cannot permanently see the game in 3D as it automatically turns itself off while not in battle or a cutscene. While it is turned on in battles, the frame rates dip and the battle turns sluggish; it also makes some abilities that Pokemon use look awfully dizzy for me.

But this is definitely one of the best games to come out for the 3DS since its launch. All gamers should get this game regardless if you are new to the series or a veteran(I presume you are playing it as you read this)

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Rama Tulo


  1. I'm playing Pokémon Crystal..... ages behind. ;-)

    1. Oh I loved Pokemon Crystal when it first came out! First time little bits of animation on Pokemon :D

    2. Haha, yes! I'm really surprised at how well it still plays. I'm playing a bit now and then, and it provides more than enough inspiration to blog about! Don't have a console, so I'm not into Pokémon X and Y (also, I gave up on new pokémon species after a while), but am curious what it's like - hope to read about it here. Mind you, I have no knowledge about it yet!

      And I'm so jealous of your Pikachu! I should really get into that other country and try to catch one myself. :D


    3. Oh yea I know! The other day I found my old gameboy, colour, advance, sp, etc haha. I was going crazy with all the retro items I still have! Old Pokemon games never loses its appeal, in my opinion!
      That is great! I will try to provide as much insight to the game as I can during my upcoming review of the game. I am in my 12 or so hours into the game and I have to say, I am surprised by a lot of aspects of the game but also very irritating in some other parts. But tune in soon for my complete review!

    4. I have just published my Pokemon X and Y review! Hope you all will like it!