Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Beyond: Two Souls...The Hype That Destroyed

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Beyond: Two Souls was such a hyped game up until its upcoming release that I think it might have more negativity done to it rather than positive reinforcement to help its release. Never have I seen so much hype focusing on the story and its "would-be" breakthrough crumble on the day of the review releases.

But rest assured, with such a disparity between the awesome reviews and the painful critiques. I believe that this game is really an entry in the games' list that everyone should try to get their own review. If the studio did Heavy Rain in such an fantastical fashion, they can make this game work. So always, try out the games you want and like but also be aware of the reviews as they are good guides to buying good or bad games. But take it with a grain of salt

As such, I will be trying the game out in the following weeks after I get my Final Fantasy XIV review out into the world and definitely some Pokemon this week when it is released!

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