Wednesday, 9 October 2013

LFM! Get family and friends to play games with you?

Here comes my age old question: How to get family and friends to play video games with you?

So getting people who are not interested in playing games with you is always so hard. I have tried and tried to get my friends to play through different strategies but ultimate struck a Game Over.

Though there is one way I was able to grab their attention for a few times; a group setting. I have always found that when I put my friends in the living room, it was easier for many of them to start trying out games albeit multiplayer games. They were playing Little Big Planet, Fighting games and getting excited about finishing a level or getting a type of move complete. It was such a good feeling but sadly that only lasted for about a few hours. As Playstation 4 and Xbox One are headed for release in the coming month, I want to see if I can try to get them to order one of the two consoles before holidays strike in. I feel that if playing a great video game, you should always try to share it with the people you care about even if they do not like playing. "Forceful much?"

Anyway are there any good ways to have families and friends start playing video games?
If so, I would love to hear some ideas and put them to the test with my friends!

Happiness Amiss
Avid Vancouverite Gamer


  1. Can't really help with this one, I'm lucky enough that my family (brothers, cousins, nephews, sister in law, grandpa) actually are interested in what I play and basically just ask and eventually I find them in my game! :P

    Much easier to get people to play board games (if you are in a close vicinity). I've even gotten my mother and grandmother to try out Arkham Horror. Funny stuff, helping them smack elder beings around! :P

  2. Oh that is superb! Though most of my family and friends do not game too much, it would be great to have them play the same games as me. Yea I tried some board games, though for some reason when I bring out the World of Warcraft monopoly everyone goes running off haha...(sad maybe?)
    Though I will definitely keep going at it to try to bring them into the gaming world!