Friday, 25 October 2013

Been a long week... Must...Get...Back...To...Gaming...Now!

Hey all!

It has been almost a week since I have posted here. Been a pretty busy week for me so I will the pleasantries and get right to the Video Game related rantS! I will be posting back to back these few days for some insanely good opinions coming out of me!

In my WoW news and updates, I have almost gotten the Venomhide Ravasaur mount, just need to wait for my auctioned leather to get here but seriously why is that stuff so expensive? 56Gold?! Though I would say it is long overdue...haha

But in all seriousness, I really need to finish levelling my character but tis still a long ways off. It definitely gets tedious the more you level. I have levelled so many that I feel not interested in the quests anymore. (Sorry if that sounds a bit like bashing but I really love WoW therefore I want to point out the repetition of levelling to 90 gets slower each time) I have quested all over Azeroth and read each line and followed many different story paths but it would be great if there was a level squeeze in addition to many other things they can change and help progress the game.

A big shoutout to Trion Worlds for helping out us gamers for the Extra-Life Marathon!

A very big Thank You from us in Vancouver! The marathon is not far away so everyone that has a chance, please help us by donating or participating in the 25 hour gaming marathon!
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