Sunday, 3 November 2013

LFF - Looking for World of Warcraft Friends!

Hello there everyone!

So today I was helping fundraise for the Extra Life 2013 marathon and then I realized that many of my friends who used to play WoW have gone on to do other things and have since left the Warcraft gaming scene. So there I was looking at my friends list and many of them have not logged on for many months.

So now I am presented with a dilemma of trying to meet new people in WoW but at the same time, it is incredibly hard to meet people while trying to level up with a level 73. Now I am trying a type of friend finding on my blog. I hope I can definitely meet many people after posting this on here.

I want to find someone/people to hang out and share our fun playing the game. It would be great if we were on the same server! I am on Mal'Ganis US Horde side and my character's name is Hunterility. I hope to get to know lots of new people throughout the game. I welcome new players or veterans into my newly made guild too. (Mentors) So I hope you will all definitely send my a message or mail and we can all enjoy the fun and frustration of hunting down more WoW expansions in the future!

Avid Vancouverite Gamer
Mal Ganis

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