Monday, 12 August 2013

Hello! Introduction...To Me!

Hello Fellow Gamers!

This is just a first quick post regarding who I am.

My name is Rasely! I am a Video Gamer that is currently residing in Vancouver. I am starting this blog to post my outings in Vancouver, British Columbia and also posting game reviews of recent and older games. I would like to provide a point of view from a plain gamer with honest thoughts and opinions. I would love for people to give all kinds of opinions and also give me their own review on games they like.

I am an avid Story-phile. I cannot begin to state my love for games with a great story. Definitely check my blog if you love games with good stories and gameplay. For example: Bioshock, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Last of Us and many many more!

I am also a big World of Warcraft (also TCG and all Blizzard Games) fan. I have played it since the beginning and been having a on and off again relationship with this succubus of a video game. But I am always subbed to WoW and I come on very frequently.
I also play a plenty of other games like FPS, MMORPG, and MOBA games. I will keep people updated on my "out and abouts".

Hopefully people will like my posts regarding video games! I will start posting very soon!

Thank you very much!
Avid Vancouverite Gamer

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